Wee'un Pikler-inspired climbing frame

Sawdust & Rainbows


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The Wee’un is a folding indoor climbing frame inspired by Emmi Pikler. It is perfect for your overactive little ones to climb, but it is not limited to just climbing. Oh no, it's also a den, a tunnel, a seat, baby gym and so so much more. We know, we own one.

The Wee'un was born out of need. We had an overactive 18-month-old that just wanted to climb everything. Looking around all we could find were cheap imported, untested and quite frankly dangerous looking climbing frames.

Easily folded for storage, simply remove the knobs fold and re-insert them. Locked closed means it can be stored anywhere, including our favourite, on hooks on the wall.

It is designed to help your little ones learn to first stand, using the bottom rung as a support. Then, as it is one of the widest on the market, it allows them to shuffle along, building confidence in movement (and saving the sofa from messy handprints!).

It continues to grow with your little ones as they then progress to climb, one rung at a time, until they reach the confidence to get to the top.

The next progression is the top. Our single top rung is a big help. We tried many different variations when designing, no rung, bigger spacing and so on. We found this to be perfect, giving children a central point to balance while they get their legs and bodies over. If you think of climbing a gate or a wall and even a very similar structure, fence style, you would always place your hand in the centre to not bring your weight too far forward and topple headfirst down the other side. Getting over the top whether it is the first time or the 100th time, it always gives children such a boost of confidence.

Made with the thickest rungs of any other Pikler inspired triangle\climbing frame like it makes it super strong and easy on little one’s feet, we all know the pain of standing on a narrow rung of a ladder or ledge for any length of time. It also gives children a good solid item to grip onto.

With loads of accessories and compilatory products from our range the play is truly open ended.

  • Handmade at home by a husband and wife team in rural Northern Ireland
  • Easy foldable for storage
  • Can be used outside, just not left there
  • Can be used from birth to 50kg.
  • Tested to exceed the European and British standards EN71-1 EN71-2 EN71-3 EN71-8
  • Made from FSC engineered birch plywood and engineered FSC redwood dowels.
  • Open 91cm x 77cm x 62cm high
  • Closed 17cm x 77cm x 77cm high
  • Shipped fully assembled so it is ready to use out of the box. No tools required
  • We make our own colours so sometimes they do vary batch to batch

    Dispatched directly from Sawdust & Rainbows workshop. Deliveries are sent every week on a Wednesday. Cut off for orders is Tuesday morning - orders received after this will be sent the following week. 

    Did you know... you can add your Wee UN to one of our PuzzleBug Payment Plans and pay in instalments?