Animal Tracks Flashcards - set of 8

Lothian Woodworks


8 engraved wooden flashcards showing different animal tracks. Ideal for investigating which animals are found in your local woodlands, parks, trails and footpaths. The flashcards are also to scale and show the measurements of the footprints too. 

Featuring: fox, grey squirrel, red squirrel, fallow deer, red deer, roe deer, otter, badger. 

They are made from FSC certified birch plywood.  Each card is 95mm wide by 145mm high. They are laser engraved so due to the nature of the process shades of the engravings you get may be slightly different to the ones in the pictures.

Please note: These cards are not CE tested and are intended as educational resources, not toys. 

Lothian Woodworks are a small company specialising in laser engraving on wood, slate and other organic materials. They are based in East Lothian in Scotland.