Baby Walker - Whale

Small Foot


Lets go exploring with the whale! This wooden whale baby walker, which was nominated for a 2020 ToyAward, offers novice walkers play and learning fun on five playable sides.

  • Openable lid with anti-clamping protection
  • Integrated braking system for controlled pushing
  • Rubber-finished wheels for quiet, safe rolling
  • Difficult to tip over with an integrated axle for stability
  • A turnable compass trains comprehension of cardinal directions and seasons
  • A chalkboard you can draw on
  • Moving play elements for shape-fitting, pressing, and flipping for training (fine) motor skills
  • Lots of storage space for toys

The sea and its residents are a central design element - and with it, in addition to training motor skills, it also allows the whales home to be explored during shape-fitting, pressing and flipping! Fish can help with counting, and a compass imparts knowledge about cardinal directions and seasons.

Little ones are safe and quiet while moving around on the rubber-finished wheels. There's space for shape-fitting elements and toys under the openable top cover with anti-clamping protection! The braking system allows the walker to be pushed across the floor in a controlled manner. With integrated axle. A chalkboard surface animates children to be creative with chalk! It's a practical companion for novice walkers that impresses both young and old customers with its attractive design, and it's a real multi-talent with regards to playtime value and environmental friendliness!

A portion of its sales will be given to the organisation NABU for the "Oceans Without Plastic" project which includes organising cleaning operations on beaches and riverbanks. With this, NABU is actively working towards the protection of the world's oceans and coasts in a preventative way and making a significant contribution to the preservation of the habitat of all sea creatures.

Made by German brand Small Foot. 

Size: Approx. 42 x 39 x 42 cm; Grip height approx. 41 cm

Age: 12m plus