Bacteria and Virus Puzzle

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Have you ever wondered what is responsible for a runny nose and what can cause a stomach ache? Which virus looks like a fried egg, and which resembles a spaceship?
This (topical!) puzzle will answer these and many other questions. 23 viruses and bacteria captured in their individual structure, labelled in English and Latin, will be a great way to open further discussion on the rich world of microorganisms. 

Classify, discover and learn! 23 elements plus frame and cover. 

Bacteria & viruses pictured: lyme disease, diarrhoea, meningococcus, typhoid fever, staphylococcus, cholera, measles, rhinitis, rotavirus, ebola, bacteriophage t4, malaria, papilloma, plague, tooth decay, dysentery, chlamydia, e.coli, polio, clostridium tetani, syphilis, chickenpox, HIV. 

Easy storage: this puzzle comes with a cover and 2 bands to hold all the pieces in place when it's not being played with. 

Inspired by Montessori learning principles. 

Please note: the text on this puzzle will be in English. The stock photographs are for illustration only, whilst we wait for the English language photographs to be taken!

Dimensions: 26 x 49 cm 
Puzzle in 2 layers + wooden frame and cover
The thickness of the puzzle: 5 mm. 
Thickness of the base: 3 mm. Thickness of the cover: 3mm. 
CE tested and sealed with a colourless non-toxic varnish.

Stuka Puka make beautiful, eco friendly puzzles inspired by the natural world and Montessori principles. They are designed and made in Poland in conjunction with Educational Psychologists, Doctors and Therapists.

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