Brin d’Ours Fir - Large

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Small Fir trees. Sold without removable base (bases in various sizes/colours are available to order separately). 

Trees are freestanding without the bases but are unstable. Tree bases in a variety of sizes and colours are available to order separately here. All bases fit all the trees in the Brin d'Ours range, so you can mix and match your very own tree landscape! 

Dimensions: 16.5 x 12.5 cm (height x width)

100% natural, eco-responsible wooden toys, made in a completely artisan way in France. So that the toys are as respectful of our children as they are of nature, all natural paints and untreated solid wood are used. Brin d'Ours hope that the pleasure taken in making the toys is reflected by the pleasure found in playing! 

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