Doll's Loft Bed - Little Button range

Small Foot


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First-class bunk beds! This loft bed makes an impression with its function and design, and will fit right in inside the nursery thanks to its linear Scandinavian shape and subtle design.
  • Usable as individually arranged beds or as a loft bed set
  • With bed drawers for storing doll accessories
  • Neutral bed linens
  • Oversized blankets
  • Rounded edges and visible solid wood elements
  • For dolls and plush animals up to 46 cm in size
  • The Scandinavian linear design, a subtle colour scheme, and repeating design elements of the "Little Button" doll's furniture series give it a harmonious look.

The modern, reversible, neutral coloured bed linens and the oversized blankets allow dolls and plush animals up to 46cm in size to sleep particularly comfortably in the two little beds individually arranged or stacked atop one another. Connecting the two single beds creates a ladder for the loft bed at the foot end of the beds. The bed drawers with lid are wonderfully suited for storing doll accessories. With particularly high-quality manufacturing, stable construction, rounded edges, and visible solid wood elements, this doll's cradle is a stylish play expansion for the nursery. 

Size: Approx. 50 x 28 x 48 cm; Playing height of 1st bed 8 cm / 2nd bed 40 cm

Recommended age: 3yrs+