Glow in the Dark Stars and Constellations Map

Maps International


The Stars and Constellations map is a stunning gift for stargazers and night sky enthusiasts of all ages. By day, it has an almost encyclopaedic amount of information for anyone interested in the cosmos. The Glow in the Dark Stars and Constellations Map is a fun educational tool as well as providing a welcome distraction for those that might be scared of the dark. 

The Stars and Constellations map poster includes detailed constellations and illustrations of planets in our solar system, satellites, lunar positions, eclipses, meteors and comets. We have also charted the life cycle of a star from giant to dwarf sizes, supernovas to black holes.

What brings the Stars and Constellations map to life is a subtle yet bright glow in the dark ink that charges with light during the day, and glows for approximately 12 hours at night. So you never need to worry about seeing the night sky on a cloudy or light-polluted night! Bring home the Stars and Constellations Map and take a trip through the cosmos every night!

Maps Uses: Suitable for children or adults. Home decor, Childs Room, Learning.

This Glow in the Dark Star Map on silk art paper is a superior colour reproduction finish and provides high photo quality results.

Size: 84cm x 59cm.