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Elegant, graceful, and refined – that’s how you should design your Japanese garden in this beautiful family game by Haba! Careful planning and watchful eyes are needed as you tend your garden. Only by skillfully placing stones, bushes, trees, ponds and pagodas on multiple levels can a player become the best garden designer of the season. Think you’ve got it figured out? Try one of the five included expansions!
  • elegant and simple rules to get you playing fast
  • includes 5 mini-expansions for even more gardening fun
  • by award-winning game designer Michael Kiesling

4 garden game boards, 24 wooden lanterns, 8 wooden scoring stones, 1 score board, 96 garden tiles, 6 5th layer bonus tiles, 1 bonsai tree (2 pieces), 1 building round marker, 1 info card, 5 expansion tiles for experienced players, 16 Zen tiles, 4 frog markers, 1 rulebook.

Number of players up to: 4
Game duration from: 45 minutes 
Number of players from: 2
Age from: 8 years to 99 years!

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