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Real tools for young, aspiring craftsmen! This high-quality tool belt bag with a hammer loop and snap hooks contains a carpenter's hammer, pliers, PU work gloves, a spirit level, nails, and in addition to a pair of ergonomic protective eyewear, there's also a typical carpenter's pencil with a fitting sharpener.

The spirit level is a hit with its ability to be hung up and a magnetic strip on the side for attachment to metal, and is versatile thanks to the horizontal, vertical, and 45° levels. The belt with the click buckle can be individually adjusted to the child's waist circumference.

It's an indispensable set of children's tools for the home and on the job! When building and constructing with real yet child-friendly tools, children learn the proper use of tools and train their manual skills. One particularly practical feature is that every tool has its set place in the tool belt so that it's always within reach. The hammer and pliers make an impression with their rubber-finished grips. Work gloves size 7. What needs to be repaired next?

This tool belt with accessories is ideally suited for older children and is a perfect gift for role-playing, workshop activities, and young crafters.

Measurements: Tool belt approx. 23 x 26 x 2 cm; Hammer approx. 24 x 2.5 cm

Recommended age: 8yrs and up 

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