Raduga Grez Russian Forest Natural

Raduga Grez


A set of trees and bushes: firs, pine, cypress, two apple trees and bushes. Great for role-playing games. You can play fairy tales and act out stories about Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, the Gruffalo, or invent your own!

Hand-made, finished with linseed oil and left unlacquered.

A set of 8 trees and shrubs. In a linen storage bag.

Size: The size of a large spruce is 14 cm.

Materials: lime wood, finished with linseed oil, without lacquer.

Made in Russia with love

Fully CE tested and compliant with strictest EN71 Certification.

About Raduga Grez (Rainbow of Dreams)

Do you carefully choose everything that surrounds your children? Do you want them to grow up creative and free? To create toys, we are inspired by forests, laughter, childhood, natural beauty and fairy tales.

Every wooden toy gets our full attention, since we are a family workshop. Our toys are made by hand and are free from chemicals. We are close to the ideas of the beauty of our Earth, natural materials, protecting nature and recycling.

We have toys that are suitable for all ages, age boundaries are very much blurred! Just at every level of development, the child will use the toy in his own way. We make our toys from real wood, without using plywood or any other gluing. The wood is always natural, unique and beautiful, and it can have tree lines, small marks that show its uniqueness. This is a confirmation of quality and naturalness. Our toys are tactile, velvet. This is due to the fact that we do not cover our toys with lacquer. Varnishes close the wood and after its application is not visible and does not feel the tree.

We use lime and beech to make our toys - all from sustainable and responsible sources. The lime tree is light and ideal for playing and it has long been used to make Russian toys. It does not crack or chip. We use beech for toys for the little ones, because it is hard and it can be gnawed.

We use Russian wood and the skill of our carpenters. We are glad that we started such a project and involved many local contractors from suppliers of wood, carpenters, to the packing and sewing of bags locally too.