Terra Kids Magnets

Terra Kids


The Terra Kids magnet exerts an irresistible attraction for junior adventurers. No wonder, because the laws of physics are very easy to grasp if you are given the opportunity to experiment. For example, magnetic fields can be demonstrated visually by the way that the metal shavings line up in the plastic pot.  


1 extra-powerful magnet with lanyard, 6 metal discs, 1 plastic pot containing metal shavings

  • hands-on approach to understanding the laws of physics
  • impressive effects: magnetic field lines can be demonstrated by means of metal shavings in the plastic pot provided
  • extra-powerful magnet
  • strong attraction
  • fits perfectly in your pocket
  • ideal gift for any occasion
  • includes plastic tube containing metal shavings
  • 6 metal discs to experiment with

CAUTION Not suitable for children under 8 years. This product contains a small magnet. If swallowed, magnets can attract each other in the intestine and cause serious injury.