The Moon



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Will you witness a brightly glowing full moon or experience a total eclipse? This illuminating puzzle of the Moon features the moon at its brightest, at night. In this puzzle, you will learn the names of various mountains, valleys, and areas. Six flights that landed on the moon are marked boldly in red. These include; Apollo 11, 12, 14, 15, 16 and 17.
Across the top of the puzzle, in each corner, you will find facts about the moon's diameter, the average distance from Earth, and the time it takes to orbit the Earth. You can find a small photographic example of the Lunar, Solar and Total Eclipse. The Sun and its reflective light shine bright in the bottom left-hand corner. Across the bottom of the puzzle, you will find out about the various phases of the Moon, some of which include a new moon, and the first and last quarter.
This educational puzzles comes complete with 70 traditional style puzzle pieces, factual information, and is best suited for older children.

Made in Norway from 100% recycled board. 

Size: 35.5cm x 28.5cm 

Why choose Larsen puzzles? 

Larsen have been making puzzles from their base in Norway for over 60 years and wanted to create a high quality product that was both fun to play with and educational at the same time. The small Norwegian company make all their puzzles with a frame and permanent tray, and extra solid pieces.

  • The youngest children develop their motor skills with interesting shaped puzzle-pieces they will remember
  • Older kids play and learn about many interesting themes
  • Self-checking pieces encourage the children and help them to concentrate
  • Extra thick and solid pieces
  • Made in Europe from 100% recycled board
  • Lots of thought and consideration goes into every puzzle design
  • Larsen use hundreds of specially made cutting tools to make their great range of fun and educational puzzles, many custom made for a specific puzzle

It is important for the youngest to have puzzles with pieces of different shapes, not the traditional puzzle pieces that most manufacturers offer. When we make the puzzles, we cut so deep that you can see the shapes of the pieces in the tray below. When playing with our puzzles, the children will look for pieces with the right shapes rather than looking at the picture.

Many of our puzzle pieces are shaped like animals and other figures. This makes the puzzles a bit easier for the children, and they find it fun to recognise the shapes.