The Shire Maxi Playbag

Outer Colour: Rainbow
Sale price£48


As The Playbag Company's bestselling playbag, The Shire has undergone a few revisions since it was first designed. This special new design just for PuzzleBug has a larger cave especially for bigger animals and dinosaurs to hide in!

Designed around the popular children's modern classic story "The Gruffalo", we think The Shire offers a perfect backdrop for many different stories and adventures. Redesigned in 2016 to incorporate imaginative "rainbow grass", the PlayBag Shire was inspired by some of our favourite children's stories. It has a winding path that passes a lush green cave (perfect for creatures to hide in), over a stream and leads round to a clearing. We often use it along with finger puppets to enhance bedtime stories! Our 2017 version also has our new edging so you can play right to the edge of the playmat and even allow different mats to interlink for even more adventures.

The PlayBag Maxi is our full sized bag which opens out into a circular play area approximately 80cm in its mat form and 30cm high in its bag form. 

Please note that The Shire is not suitable for children under 12 months due to the long pile fabric used.

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