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WE ROCK! ROCKERBOARD MOON The curved extremities of the board allow you to balance on the convex side, an extra challenge! Who can keep their balance the longest? From a young age the board will help children develop skills which will be useful later on for other active sports such as surfing, snowboarding etc. Recommended for children from the age of 6. Children below that age should only use the board under the supervision of an adult.
  • All models weigh between 4 and 5 kg.
  • The dimensions are approximately 93 x 37 x 19 cm (LxWxD)
  • The load-bearing capacity has been tested up to 150 kg.
  • All models meet the requirements of the European Toy Safety Directive (2009/48/EC, EN71-1, EN71-2, EN71-3).
  • The wood used bears the FSC 100% label.

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About We Rock! Rockerboards

We Rock! have transformed the original design of a classic rockerboard into a contemporary board which takes account of safety aspects. They are the only manufacturers in the world who offer rockerboards which protect fingers with special protective edges. Also, the special shaped designs of some of the boards is unique. This provides children with better and more challenging playing options, but also more safety. The wood used has the FSC 100% label: this means that the wood was harvested entirely from FSC certified forests, i.e. forests which are managed sustainably.

  • 3 unique shapes
  • finger protection
  • 2 choices of edges
  • FSC 100% beech wood varnished or oiled boards
  • 28 felt colours

We have 3 different shapes of boards that also offer older children (but also adults) more possibilities and challenges for moving, training and playing. We have a Classic design which offers the traditional Waldorf inspired shape. On our Moon model you can balance on both sides! You can rotate on our Twister very easily...

Our models are available with 2 types of edges: the stepped edge or the organic edge. These edges ensure that children can play safely and worry free. This means the likelihood that their fingers getting trapped is much lower than with a normal board. The edge also makes the board more attractive. It looks as if it hovers above the ground. Furthermore, the organic sloping edge allows you to see the different layers of wood and gives the board a warm and natural appearance. The stepped edge in turn gives the board a more modern look. The boards with the stepped edge are treated with varnish, whereas the boards with the organic edge are oiled. The composition of the oil is selected carefully and is made up of different natural oils. It is important to note that the oil does not fully seal the surface of the board so you can still feel the texture of the wood. The varnish finish makes the board easy to clean and looks nice and smooth.

The boards are available with or without felt. You can select your felt from a wide range of 28 colours. The layer of felt protects both the board and the floor and also cushions the noise during play. We use 100% wool felt with the kotex 100 label.

Why choose a balance board? Balance boards have been used in Waldorf education for over 20 years. They help children to develop both their balance and more of an awareness of their body and limbs. The value of a toy is not determined by what the toy can do, but by what a child can do with it. A rockerboard can become whatever you want it to be and can be integrated into children's games effortlessly! This open-ended toy time and time again provides children with new opportunities and possibilities to play, often combined with other toys. This continuously stimulates their creativity. What is magic about the rockerboard is that you can be very active with it, but that it can also be a cosy place where the child relaxes, a place of their own. And, as they've been safety tested up to 150kg, adults can enjoy them too!