5 “frightfully” good tips for a spooktacular Halloween without breaking the bank

Autumn is hands down my favourite time of year as a parent and Halloween definitely plays a part in that. The nights are drawing in; cosy family film nights at home beckon; and all the leaves are turning beautifully orange and crunchy! Wellies and jumpers come out of the cupboards. Steamy hot chocolate fills our mugs and out come my comfort food recipes! 

Halloween has undoubtedly become way more commercial over the last 10 years though. The supermarkets seem to be full of costumes and decorations by the end of the summer holidays. But, it really doesn’t have to be expensive and, with some pre-planning, can be even more fun and special! 

Here are our 5 “frightfully” good tips for a spooktacular Halloween without breaking the bank. 

1. Set up a local costume swap 

If you’ve got a local Facebook group for parents or a school chat group this can be a great way to have a clear out of outgrown fancy dress clothes and find something new for your little terrors. 

2. Buy some treats for ‘Trick or Treaters’ now 

Look out for BOGOF offers and special deals ahead of halloween week. Last year some people I saw had bought giant bags of pick & mix sweets and pre-portioned them into little paper bags. You can get little paper bags for under £3 for 100. You’ll be saving on plastic waste from individually wrapped sweets too. 

3. Make your own halloween decorations

Last year we made little black bats and spiders from old egg boxes to hang up (using egg boxes, black paint, glue, googley eyes, string, and pipe-cleaners)! You could also cut up black, white, orange, and green paper/card to make paper garland chains to hang up - the kids always enjoy sticking these together too!

4. Halloween party game ideas:

  • Apple Bobbing (make sure you’ve got lots of old towels at the ready as this gets messy)
  • Halloween Musical Statues: The Ghostbusters Theme; The Time Warp; The Monster Mash; and there’s a Halloween version of Baby Shark apparently… you’re welcome. 
  • Pumpkin decorating contest 

5. Spooky supper and party food.

I’ve fallen into many a Pinterest blackhole looking for halloween party food ideas! Some simple budget friendly ideas are: 

  • Make mozzarella ghost shapes on a pizza base for a spooky cheese and tomato pizza (try black olives for the eyes and mouth)
  • Green ‘slime’ jelly with jelly snakes or sweetie eyeballs inside!
  • Wrap sausages ‘mummies’ in thin strips of shop-bought pastry and bake in the oven

Most important of all - have fun this Halloween and remember not to knock at anyone’s door who doesn’t have decorations up!

What have you got planned for your little ones this Halloween? Let me know if the comments and share any budget friendly tips you have! 


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