Eco wrapping paper tips: what can’t be recycled and why not?
Have you ever wondered what types of wrapping paper can be recycled and can't - and why not? Read our new blog to find out more! 
  • Foil wrapping paper: It’s made from polypropylene which can’t be recycled with paper.
  • Glittery paper: Most glitter is made from micro-plastics which can’t be recycled. 
  • Wrapping paper covered in sticky tape: plastic tape can’t be recycled. 
  • Most tissue paper: this can’t be recycled as it’s very thin and contains very few good quality paper fibres which make it not suitable for recycling. 

So, what can we do with this paper that can’t be recycled? Reuse, reuse, reuse! 

  • Reuse tissue paper and non-recyclable wrapping paper as filler and packaging for sending items in the post, moving house or storing delicate items. 
  • Use large pieces of glittery paper for craft projects and for the kids to draw on. 
  • Glittery Christmas cards - cut the pictures up to use as gift tags for next year! 

Choose recycled when you wrap your gifts!

  • When you buy wrapping paper then check that it’s both recycled and recyclable. 
  • Make your own wrapping paper from brown craft paper and tie with ribbons/string that can be used again. If you’re colouring or painting the paper then make sure it’s less than 5% of the surface so it can still be recycled (and no glitter!). 
  • Choose reusable gift bags instead of paper.

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