Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Puzzle fans

Puzzles are brilliant gifts for problem solving, fine motor skills - and can be a lovely way to work together if you do them as a family. Here are 3 of our top recommendations for puzzles which would make outstanding gifts for different ages. 

  1. Our bestselling puzzles are made by Stuka Puka. They are large natural wooden, multi-layered puzzles which come with lids to keep the pieces safely in place when they are not being played with. There are loads of different themes which all revolve around science and nature: human anatomy; trees & leaves; the solar system; the life-cycles of different insects; and lots more. The pieces are all textured too, so you can do rubbings of the leaves; animal’s footprints or planets, for example. 
  2. Goki, one of our flagship brands, make excellent puzzles for all ages. A particular favourite of mine are their large 40cm x 30cm wooden puzzles which come in trays and have some lovely, interesting and bright designs (dinosaurs, animals from different regions, mountain scenes, firefighters, ponies, and more). They are best suited for children aged 4-7years.  Also, a bonus shout out to the Goki Mini puzzles, which are only £1.79 each and lovely for a stocking or party bag! 
  3. If you're looking for a more traditional board jigsaw then you can’t go wrong with the range from eeBoo. The designs are thoughtful and quirky and they come in 64 pieces up to 1000 pieces for the more experienced puzzler! 

Which of the brands we’ve shown you above is your favourite and why? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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