Bauspiel Corner Blocks - 50 piece set

Set Size: Full Set with Tray
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Every cube consists of two equal parts which are fitted into each other. The five bright colours are perfectly suited to lay colourful mosaic patterns. Even small hands can handle the cubes very well, stacking towers, building fences and so much more.

The Corner Blocks help children to playfully get a grasp of the three dimensions. Each piece is pegged twice. There are 50 corner blocks in the set. 

Frame: 28 x 28 x 4 cm
Cubes: 5 x 5 x 5 cm (= 2 pieces)

Age recommendation 3+

Bauspiel means Building Game, and is a German manufacturer of high quality wooden toys known for their exceptional workmanship. All Bauspiel wooden products are made from native timber, mainly Beech, Alder and Lime. The timber edges are polished and pleasant to touch, and the strong and vibrant colours used are toy safe and non-toxic.

The geometric shapes of the products introduce children to the world of building, construction and stacking in a playful and colourful way. The range of Bauspiel products can work together to mix and match your own story.

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