Tasmanian Devil

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This wooden Tasmanian devil toy would be a perfect addition to any wooden toy set, Waldorf nature table or play space. Tasmanian devils live on Tasmania island in Australia but this wooden toy can settle down in your home. The wild animal has excellent senses of smell and eyesight that is why a hunting game is an interesting idea for playtime. This toy will help your child to open the world of Australian animals- learn their names, characteristics, habitat, and behavior.

Materials: ashwood, organic linseed oil, non toxic watercolour paints

Size: 8.5 х 5cm/3.34 x 1.97 inches

Fully CE tested and recommended for 3 years +

Please note: This item is 100% handmade, the color of the figure may differ slightly from the one on the photo. The wood that is used is unique. Each time a new figure is made - it's made especially for you! All the materials used are high quality and safe. Each figure is sanded many times to be sure that they are very smooth. All of the edges are rounded and very safe. All items are hand painted with safe non-toxic paints.

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