6 Tips for Decluttering your Toys
  1. Have your exit routes covered! Have one box for things to sell; one box for things to give away or donate to charity; and a bin bag and a recycling bag for anything broken that can’t be mended. Know which charity shop you’re going to go to or which group/site you’re going to post things on - and when. Think about what's no longer loved or played with; what's broken or has missing pieces; and what's been grown out of? 

  2. Tackle one area at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed. For example, if I was starting in our front room, I might choose one kallax storage unit to start with and work through, box by box.

  3. Consider toy rotation. Think about whether some toys that you’d like to keep might be better stored away somewhere like the loft and then brought out and swapped with other toys periodically. You could rotate toys monthly or seasonally - it can help with overwhelm and mean that your old toys feel fresh and exciting again.

  4. Weed out duplicates! Do you have toys which do the same or very similar things - do you need to keep them all?

  5. Think about storage. Everything you are keeping needs to have a place to live. This will mean it’s so much easier to keep everything organised. We try and keep a ‘1 in, 1 out’ policy (like a 90’s nightclub 😂) but if the soft toy basket is starting to overflow again, you know it’s time to start another declutter! 

  6. Get your children involved! This can help reinforce important lessons about looking your belongings, tidying up after yourself and helping others. If they’re not keen then try starting small in an area that they aren’t particularly attached to. 

Let us know how you get on in the comments! Do you have any decluttering tips of your own to add? 

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