Planning Ahead for Birthdays

Are you the type of person who has your gifts for the year ahead planned out, bought and wrapped well ahead of time? 

Well, I’m definitely not that person 😜 I tend to be very last minute if I don't consciously take action! So, I’m trying to do some things differently this year to help myself out - which hopefully might help some of you too…

Buy or make packs of cards, wrapping paper and tags ahead of time. I’m trying to keep a stash of these in a cupboard so we’re never caught out when we’ve got a gift to wrap. 

Pick out big gifts for the year in advance. Did you know that we have a Savers Club at PuzzleBug?  You can choose your gifts, pay a 20% deposit and then pay the balance whenever suits you over a maximum of 6 months. You can add extra items at any time if you need too. Once the balance is paid then we’ll send all your items to you. It not only spreads the cost, but it means that you have everything picked and reserved well ahead of when you need it! You can find out more about it here.

Gifts for other Children’s parties. Last year I started to buy little gifts to stash away whenever I spotted a good deal (like books, craft sets and puzzles) so that I had a bag of ready bought presents that we could choose from when my children were invited to a party from school. 

Party Bags. We’ve always steered away from plastic toys for party bags and looked for more sustainable options. In the past we’ve done Lanka Kade animals; little wooden boats; books and playdough. At PuzzleBug, we’ve created a ‘Pocket Money Toys’ section which might give you some ideas. Remember, if there’s ever anything you’d like us to order for you in larger quantities ahead of time then just drop us an email or a message! 

Do you do any of these things already? Let us know if you have any planning tips that have worked for you! 

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