GIFT GUIDE: Best toys for outdoor adventurers!

Our Terra Kids range has loads of stocking filler friendly gifts which are perfect for any little ones who love exploring the outdoors. We’ve got kids camping equipment, torches, real tools and safety gloves that are sized for little hands, and loads of things like magnifying glasses, bug jars and binoculars! Here are 5 of our favourites… 

  1. Mini Flashlight - this little torch is only £8.97 and can easily clip onto a belt or bag. It would be a perfect (and useful!) stocking filler. 
  2. Magnifying Container - only £15.97. This giant magnifying container is a brilliant bit of outdoor kit. It’s lightweight and easy to carry about with its handle. You can fill it full of treasures and examine them in all their magnified glory! 
  3. Camping Lantern - £9.97. This is one of the most popular pieces of kit from our Terra Kids collection. Perfect for a camping trip, a night hike or sitting round the campfire! You can hang it up in your tent or carry it round with the handles. It’s even got a secret storage compartment for plasters or other important bits! 
  4. Kite - £26.47. Flying a kite on a windy day is one of those idyllic childhood memories that always brings such joy! This is a large, high quality kite in an Eagle design. Comes with a storage bag. 
  5. Mini Multi-tool - £5.28 each! This mini tool is 6 real tools in one pocket sized multi-tool. It’s made from metal and is a fully functional tool - just on a smaller scale! 

You can explore the whole range here: There’s something for every outdoor adventure! 

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