Why is a Pikler Triangle so good for Climbing & Balance?

Learning to stand, walk, climb and balance are important skills for babies and toddlers. And the older the child gets the more adventurous they become and challenge themselves to try new things! 

In this short blog we take a look at the different ways that Pikler Triangles can help support your child at different ages and the sorts of skills they help to develop. 

Spotlight on Pikler Triangles

An early skill for babies is learning to stand and balance. A pikler triangle is excellent for this. 

  • Very young children can use the bars to help pull themselves up to standing to help develop their balance. 
  • Toddlers start to use the triangle to climb and test their gross motor skills. 
  • Older toddlers and young children develop their spatial awareness and test themselves by climbing over the top of the triangle and down the other side. 
  • Attach a slide or ladder to increase the play and keep older children interested too. 
  • Open-ended toys like Pikler triangles encourage imaginative play. Put a blanket over the triangle and it becomes a den, a cave or a castle! 

We’ve been working with Sawdust & Rainbows for over 4 years now. Their range of Pikler inspired triangles, slides, ladders and accessories have always been some of our best selling items. Rosie and Aiden, a husband and wife team from Northern Ireland, hand-make all their products. They’ve added 2 different designs of Pikler triangles to their range, one original sized and one compact for smaller spaces. Both fold down for storage and come in 4 beautiful different colourways!

You can explore the full range here

We've also got one Monochrome Pikler in our Samples & Seconds section - be quick though as there's just the one!

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