Benno Pecher founded Regenbogenland in 1980. The name translates as Rainbow Land in English. His training as an Architect and love for wooden toys led him to create a range of unique and exclusive block sets which draw their inspiration from global architecture from across the ages; different cultures and religions; folktales, myths and fairytales. Whereas standard wooden block sets tend to be limited to a few different shapes (cubes, pyramids, cylinders etc) the Regenbogenland range shows us the building blocks of ancient and magical worlds which can be used to create extraordinary scenes and constructions.

The breadth of Regenbogenland’s designs merge art and architecture from across the world and the centuries. These magical block sets allow children to build and create extraordinary small worlds of their own and story scenes like never before. Each individual block set tells its own story or it can combined with other sets and toys to design and create a more detailed and elaborate universe.

Only the very best materials and high quality machines have been chosen by Benno to manufacture his exclusive and unique wooden block sets. All of Regenbogenland’s wooden toys are made and cut from beech multiplex panels. Due to the manufacturing process multiplex panels keep their form, allow intricate shapes to be carved, and hardly ever chip. All shapes have rounded corners and smooth edges which make them safe for children to play with. Some of the block sets contain shapes that have been decorated with glass gems or acrylic stones and/or whimsical printed designs.

All Regenbogenland blocks are made in Germany, using local wood, where the company has been manufacturing Benno’s creations for over 30 years.