Woody Stacker

Woody Mood


Learn to recognise what different types of tree look like, smell like and feel like!

This educational wooden stacker is a natural eco-friendly toy created from 8 different types of wood. Each wooden pyramid building toy is handmade and unique. The Woody Stacker consists of 8 rings from different types of wood, which are stacked on a wooden stick. The label found on the bottom tells you which wood is used for each ring. This educational, handmade wooden toy is a perfect gift for nature loving children. Packed in a linen gift bag!

Why choose wooden toys from real wood?

  • Traditional toy which provides children with entertainment.
  • Boosts learning and development and educates.
  • Natural and eco-friendly from sustainable forests.
  • Every toy is beautiful and unique.

Types of wood used: ash, oak, birch, black and white alder, hornbeam, maple, linden, aspen, hazel, rowan and etc.

Toy specifications: Height: 6.67 inches (17 cm). Diameter of rings: 1,6-4,7 inches (4-12 cm). Thickness of one ring: about 0,8 inches (about 1,5 cm).

CE tested. For children from 3 years. Children should not put parts of the toy in their mouth.

Colours: all natural, depends on the tree that is used to make it!

Package type: a linen bag with natural rope