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Winter can be a tough time for our garden birds. It can be harder for them to find food in the wild than other time of the year. But, there is lots we can do to help support our feathered friends! One easy activity that the kids love to do is making pinecone bird feeders. Here’s how: 

You will need: 

Pinecones (dry and opened, so leave them in a dry and warm place first if you need to)


Lard or Suet

Bird seed 

Some of these: peanuts, raisins, grated cheese, peanut butter 

What to do: 

  1. Take your pinecone and tie the string around the top to create a loop for hanging. 
  2. Make sure your suet/lard is at room temperature and then cut up into small pieces and put in a large bowl. 
  3. Here’s the fun bit! Add the seeds, nuts and fruit to the lard/suet and use your hands to squish it all together until its all mixed into a squidgy blob. 
  4. Take small balls of the mix and press it into your pinecone until its all covered. 
  5. Hang your creations outside from a tree or hook for the birds to enjoy! 

Let us know below in the comments if you try this in your garden. 


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