We’ve been trying to follow the rhythm of the seasons and pause more to appreciate the natural world and how its changes over the course of a year. Here are 6 ideas for outdoor activities to get your little ones out in nature and make the most of the winter months. 

  1. Make Stick Man! We love this book by Julia Donaldson, so any excuse to do some craft related to it is always a winner. Winter is a great time to find the most “Stick Man” like twig and decorate it. You’ll need something to make some eyes (the little googly ones work well stuck on with glue, or you can cut some out of paper); some string to tie on arms and legs; and you could even fashion some clothes for him out of leaves or moss! 
  1. Outdoor Kitchens are a great activity and perfect excuse to get muddy! Old pots, pans and metal utensils work well. Check out the resources that Yellow Door make as many of them are fantastic for using outdoors and with mud and water. Our brilliant mobile mud kitchen will be back in stock shortly too!
  1. Toast marshmallows around a fire pit and tell a story. 
  1. Keep a weather diary. Winter can have very varied and interesting weather so is a great month to do this. This week we’ve already had sun, ice, rain and heavy fog!
  1. Make a bug hotel in your garden to provide shelter for insects and other wildlife. Old wooden pallets, strips of wood, bricks, logs, terracotta pots, and roof tiles can make great structures. Straw, moss, bark, dry leaves, pinecones, hollow bamboo canes and corrugated cardboard are all good materials to fill in the gaps and make cosy and safe places for bugs and other creatures like frogs to shelter. Or, if you’re short on time, you can buy readymade bug hotels and enjoy watching who comes to visit! 
  1. Make a pinecone bird feeder

Spending time outdoors in the fresh air is great for the soul and is brilliant exercise too (whilst not really seeming like “exercise”!). Just make sure you all dress appropriately for the weather and keep warm - wellies, waterproofs, woolly hats and layers!

What are your ‘go to’ activities with the kids in the winter? Let me know in the comments section :) 


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